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Tony's Winter Campaign

Tony's Winter campaign has started off with a right bang. 

with 5 day sessions at the end November and early December producing a total of x35 carp so far up to 21lb. with one session producing x16 runs and x15 carp landed.

All carp have been coming to BSF (insect) and Whisky Frenzy.

It's been hard to find the fish, but once the odd feeding bubbles are showing, then that's where the bait ends up. 

multiple catches from these areas have been coming even with the occasional double run. 

Fish light, very little bait (Mesh bag or stringer) and keep off the phone and watch the water. This is the time to keep looking for those occasional feeding bubbles. They will show themselves even in the coldest and roughest of days. Also notice what time they are feeding, most of the fish have been coming after 1pm for me, but with an odd few mid morning munchers.

Keep warm and safe this time of year, and enjoy the day.