Whole Egg Powder can be used as a direct replacement for liquid egg. 

When producing large volumes of Hookbaits & Pop-Ups, this powder will maintain good structure and firmness within the makeup of the bait. 

Used in a lot of readymade Boilies, consideration needs to be given to the high fat content of Whole Egg powder.

Can use up to 25% WEP of your total mix dependant on other ingredients used. 


We recommend 30g of WEP for substitution of one egg (120g for a 1kg mix). 

To make your own liquid egg mix (1L) use 700ml of water + 330g of WEP, sieve the WEP in to the water a little at a time and mix well to ensure all lumps have dissolved. It will become slightly thick in texture when ready to use.

Or to make a preserved version use 525ml of water, 175ml of liquid preservative + 330g of WEP and repeat the same process as above.

Keep in an air tight container in a cool dry place, ready for next time (Shake well before use).

Whole Egg Powder (WEP)


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