A brand new Pre-Digested Fishmeal introduced in 2017. 

Initial trials with this superb PDFM have been nothing short of excellent. 

With a protein content of 88-90%, Pepsin Protein digestibility of 97%+ and a minimum of 80% soluble its not hard to see why this PDFM is going to become extremely popular with the public and bait companies and in our opinion as good if not better than CPSP 90. 

It’s high free Amino Acid profile will ensure Chemo attraction occurs, as an added bonus it has a fat content of approx 3-5% perfect for use in winter as well. 


As a suggested dosage use between 3-7% of your mix, with room for experimentation upwards to 10%, however this is dependant on other Solubles used within your formulation. 

Great in Stick Mixes, Ground baits, coating Pellets, Boilies.


This product is unsuitable for human consumption under European regulation (EC) n°68/2013. This product is produced from category 3 raw material in accordance with EC regulation 142/2011 and EC regulation 1069/2009.