Key Features

A specifically designed all year round mix with high inclusion level of white pre-digested fishmeal (PPD97) with a protein content of 88-90%, pepsin protein digestibility in excess of 95%+ and a minimum of 80% soluble as well as low oil content, the high solubility of this product ensures maximum chemo-attraction occurs.

This bait is full of liquid foods and powders containing yeast extract, simple sugars, salts, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids & natural betaine liquid & feeding stimulants, balanced protein & amino acid profile, promoting excellent growth rates in all species.

No artificial flavours are used in this bait as we know the carp can't resist the built in pulling power of garlic in this bait.


There are three types of boilies Available:-

Fresh/freezer:- Ideal for the angler who prefers the full natural ingredients and leakage from a boilie and love to fill up the freezer.


Lightly preserved:- These have a small amount of liquid preserve for the angler who wants a bait to last for a few weeks but still want a soft centre that releases all the liquid goodness out of the bait. Ideal for weeks away or even long sessions or if kept in a dark dry place they are as good as fresh/freezer baits.


Shelf life:- As it says on the tin and will last a very long time, but we have a secret ingredient that keeps the baits softer in the middle without going mouldy. Ideal for the angler who hasn't got room to freeze.


All our boilies are made fresh to order.


Please Note

This may contain fish meal and/or fish solubles, blood products and/or egg products. "This is supplementary animal feed for free-swimming fish", “Contains Category 3 animal by-products, do not feed to ruminants", "Not suitable for human consumption”.

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