It’s no secret that spices used in modern day baits are extremely effective all year round,

This Ultimate Spice Blend has had years of work, understanding how and why certain spices are so very effective in both Aquaculture & Fishing Baits, certain Bio Active components within various spices are very beneficial to the overall health and well-being of fish.


Contains no less than 7 different spices used at optimum ratios, every one of these spices has its own Bio Active ingredient, that will aid appetite stimulation, digestion, secretion of enzymes, intestinal flora to name a few, as well as having a multivitamin and mineral profile.


Our suggested dosage may surprise a few as case studies have shown there’s no overall benefit of going higher than the recommended dosages, we suggest a dosage of between 10-30 grams per kilo with the optimum at 20 grams, you can go higher if you so wish however, there’s no overall long-term benefit by doing so.

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