Everything to hand in one handy bucket for that quick or single day session.

Very versatile giving you the ability to soak, coat or just leave as they are.


Best results for soaking are to do it the night before.

Pour the liquid Super Boost over the boilies as required, shake well and leave.

This will allow the baits to absorb the liquid and provide you with a boilie that leaks eat me for longer.



Shelf life boilies or Dumbbells 14mm, Pop Ups, Liquid Super Boost, Bloodworm Pellets.


Key Features

A superb Fishmeal with a high inclusion level of Krill Meal, Squid Meal, Chilli & Spices White Pre-digested Fishmeal PPD97 and added high protein fishmeal, attractants & feeding stimulants. Balanced protein & amino acid profile, full of vitamins and minerals, promoting excellent growth rates in all species providing a protein content around 29%.

This bait is full of liquid foods and powders containing yeast extract, simple sugars, salts, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids & natural betaine liquid & feeding stimulants, balanced protein & amino acid profile, promoting excellent growth rates in all species.


Please Note

"This product may contain fish meal and/or fish solubles, blood products and/or egg products. "This is supplementary animal feed for free-swimming fish", “Contains Category 3 animal by-products, do not feed to ruminants", "Not suitable for human consumption”. "Fishing hookbait, not intended for feeding purposes.", "Artificial Hookbait, not for human or animal consumption. Only to be used as a fishing hookbait.".

The Big-FC Session Bucket