Key Features

Just like the 16mm boilie range but with that special edge.

The Rigel 7 family of hook baits is a uniquely coated boilie that is full of vitamins, minerals, additives and attractants that explode 'eat me' to the fish when released in the water.


The Rigel 7 Hook Bait is soaked in a salt solution to create an osmosis effect before coated with a special goo that seeps into the hook bait, before being rolled in 5 different powders, dried giving a hard outer case and repeated 7 times over a week to ensure the powders stick and remain stuck to the hook bait for a very long time.

Once in the water, the outer casings will slowly start to dissolve and break away from the boilie.Not only will the outer casing disperse particles into the water to attract the roaming fish but also falls around the bottom bait, leaving a pile of attractants that will spark a feeding frenzy for any hungry carp.


The Rigel 7 hook baits are hard to touch, so you will need a bait screw or even a drill bit to get past the outer layers. The Rigel 7 starts to dissolve slowly within seconds of hitting the water and once the outer casing has dissolved, you are left with a perfect boilie that is identical to your free offerings, if it hasn't been eaten sooner.


Just when you thought you had seen everything on the market. The Rigel 7 hook baits are a must and will give you a massive edge over others, with the natural attraction of the 7 layer process. The Rigel 7 hook baits will work all year round, although the summer months will increase the dispersion of the outer cases quicker than in winter.


Supplied in approximately 100g tubs.


Please Note: These baits are hook baits only and should not be used as a feed. "Fishing hookbait, not intended for feeding purposes.

Squid & Liver Rigel 7

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