Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) is a hydrolysed shrimp protein extract. It is in a viscous, orange-red-brown liquid with a strong aroma. The main purpose is to be used as an attractant to help increase palatability in Feed formulations. The product is also used in fishing bait additives to increase attract ability.
It is produced from proteins extracted from the shrimp's heads and shells.


Ingredients/ Nutritional Information for Soluble Shrimp Extract (Feed / ABP CAT3)
From Shrimp (100%)
Nutritional (per 100g)
Nutritional Information:

• 19% protein.
• 90% digested protein
• pH 3.76
• 71% moisture content.


During our production process, we reduce the pH down to 3.5 -4. This is an environment where majority of organisms cannot survive.
Escherichia Coli > ISO 16649-2:2001 TCVN 7924-2:2008
Salmonella spp > ISO 6579-1:2017 (VF)
Aspergillus Flavus > NF ISO 7954:1988
This is derived from 100% shrimp.

The product has been subjected to the following process:
Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE-02) Processing Requirements
• defined in Article l0(e) of EU Regulation (EU) No 1069/2009
• refrigeration
• pressing
• pH reduction to 3.5-4.0 for 30-45 minutes
• hydrolysis at room temperature for 480 minutes.
• concentrated to reduce moisture to 68% at 60-70 °C for 600-720 minutes
• filtered through 0.2mm mesh
After processing, the product was packaged into clean containers and sealed.

This product is unsuitable for human consumption under European regulation (EC) n°68/2013. Soluble Shrimp Extract is produced from category 3 raw material in accordance with EC regulation 142/2011 and EC regulation 1069/2009.

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