A new powdered Hydrolysate made entirely from Salmon. 

Orion Carp Baits Salmon Protein has a fantastic Amino Acid profile that ensures necessary stimulation of all Cyprinids.

With a minimum protein content of 82%, Pepsin digestibility greater than 95% and a high solubility of (min) 80%, it’s not hard to see why this is going to be an outstanding ingredient for use within the manufacture of bait.

Suggested dosages are from 1-4%, 10-40 grams per kilo of feed, you can go higher with it being a totally natural product but as with all solubles this may affect the rolling of your bait. 

Perfect for all year round use in boilies, stickmixes, groundbaits and coating of pellets.


This product is unsuitable for human consumption under European regulation (EC) n°68/2013. This product is produced from category 3 raw material in accordance with EC regulation 142/2011 and EC regulation 1069/2009.

Salmon Protein Hydrolysate Fishmeal Powder