Rectangular Trent/River Feeders

Weight 5oz and 6oz


Our Rectangular design offers a sleek, low profile Feeder that sits low to the river bed, offering stability when used in either fast flowing or tidal rivers.

All handmade and very strong as the wire is embedded in the lead and not attached separately.

Coated for extra strength and durability.

Fitted with a size 8 swivel as standard, which is shrink wrap finished to keep them neat and tidy.


Aprox dimensions

5oz = Length 55mm, Width 45mm, Height 25mm

6oz = Length 60mm, Width 45mm, Height 25mm


Supplied in packs of 5oz and 6oz or a mixed equal amounts of 5oz and 6oz

x2 pack = x1 of each weight,

x6 pack = x3 of each weight,

x10 pack = x5 of each weight


Pack amounts

x2, x4, x6, x8 & x10

River/Trent Feeders