Orion carp Baits Low temperature fishmeals boast an impressive nutritional profile. Vastly used within the aquafeed industry, one of the crucial sectors of aquaculture, the world’s fastest growing food production industry. Manufactured in Norway, LT94 has an outstanding reputation for a number of applications.Chilled raw material is dried at low temperatures to reduce any detrimental effects on the macro and micronutrient profile of LT94, resulting in a first class fishmeal believed by many to be unrivalled. Low temperature drying process allows for effective preservation of the nutritional profile.In terms of nutritional and sensory qualities, despite the rising price of fishmeals, LT94 is still extremely popular for a range of feed applications.


Ingredients/ Nutritional Information for Norsildmel LT94 (Feed / ABP CAT3) Fish meal
• In vitro digestibility: 94%
• Crude protein content: 71%
• Crude lipid content: 11.5% max
• Salt free ash content: 16%
• Salt content: 1%
• Moisture content: 4%


This product is unsuitable for human consumption under European regulation (EC) n°68/2013. LT94 is produced from category 3 raw material in accordance with EC regulation 142/2011 and EC regulation 1069/2009.


Norsildmel LT94 Fishmeal