Meat Bone Meal Animal Feed
Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) is a product of the animal carcass rendering process. Animal carcass trimmings, condemned livers, inedible offal (lungs) and bones are rendered to destroy harmful organisms and made MBM.
Meat and Bone Meal is an excellent source of supplemental protein and has a wellbalanced amino acid profile.


Nutrient Profile
Protein    45.0% Min.
Ash    40.0% Max.
Fat    8.5% Min.
Phosphorous    6.0% Min.
Fiber    4.0% Max.

Amino Acid Profile
Arginine    2.70%
Alanine    7.60%
Cysteine    1.10%
Glutamic Acid    11.1%
Glycine    12.7%
Histidine    2.10%
Isoleucine    2.90%
Leucine    6.00%
Methionine    0.53%
Phenylalanine    3.40%
Proline    8.10%
Serine    4.00%
Threonine    1.58%
Tryptophan    0.18%
Leucine    6.00%
Valine    4.40%

Energy Profile
Metabolic Energy(poultry)    2.280 kcal/kg
Metabolic Energy(bovine)    2.500 kcal/kg

This product is unsuitable for human consumption under European regulation (EC) n°68/2013. LT94 is produced from category 3 raw material in accordance with EC regulation 142/2011 and EC regulation 1069/2009.


Meat and Bone Meal