Also known as LAMLAC, A rich creamy versatile powder containing approx 22% protein derived from skimmed milk production, a good source of lipids/fats, consideration needs to be given when using other high lipid/fat products with your feed/bait formulations, this Lambs milk replacer also is a good source of Vitamins A & D. 


Use up to 15% of your total mix dependant on other ingredients used. 


Crude protein and crude fat are used to describe the milk replacer’s formulation. A 23:30 lamb milk replacer for example, contains 23 percent crude protein and 30 percent crude fat.

Protein and fat are the most important nutrients to evaluate – both are important for growth and development of your lambs. Crude fiber is important to consider because the percentage typically indicates the protein source.

For example, crude fiber above 0.15 percent indicates there may be a plant protein source in addition to the milk-derived proteins. Check the ingredient list to make sure the protein source is what you want, such as a milk-derived replacer.

Lamb Milk Replacer (LAMLAC)