A new combination for 2020 and one that we know will bring the carp homing in.

Similar to the Active CSL but based on steeped wheat fractions. 

Hydro Wheat has a much higher sugar/carbohydrate content, hence higher enzyme activity in this liquid. 

A liquid food source that is nutrient rich with a fantastic Amino Acid profile complex blend of Yeast Extract, simple Sugars, Salts, Vitamins, Minerals, Carotenoids & Betaine and other important nutrients.


A design that goes naturally well with any of our birdfood or seed type boilies.


PVA Friendly so ideal for stocking-meshed pellets, crumb or seeds.

Can also be used for stick, method and paste mixes.

Use a few mils on boilies, pop-ups, particles and seed blends, cereals, floaters or other hookbaits.


Please Note

"Product only suitable to enrich Fishing Hookbaits, not intended for feed products."

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