One of the very best bait additives over the last 20 years to be incorporated into any successful bait formulation. The molecular structure of GLM enables those highly responsive Amino Acids in the GLM to be very attractive to most species of freshwater fish. 

Works particularly well in most Base/Stick mixes, however it really stands out in any good quality Fishmeal based bait. 

Whilst it’s not the cheapest ingredient to add into a bait, many people will not use a bait without the addition of GLM in their mix. 


Recommended levels are 30-100grams/kilo of bait, with elevated levels particularly responsive in hook baits/pop-ups.


* NOTE* This De-Fatted GLM is quite dusty, consideration must be given when using this product due to airborne particles, use in a well ventilated area with an appropriate M3 style mask.

GLM NZ Green Lipped Muscle