This awesome Hydro Squid Super Boost has been made from whole squid. This devastating liquid has literally transformed seasons from normal to excellent. Squid in various forms are very attractive to Carp and other Cyprinids and this liquid is no exception. A great all year round liquid due to its fat content of less than 3%. Also mixed with a complex blend of Yeast Extract, simple Sugars, Salts, Vitamins, Minerals, Carotenoids & Betaine.  

It’s effectiveness in colder water temps isn’t to be ignored, it will help fish with digestion, nutrient absorption, energy as well as boost immunity. 


PVA Friendly so ideal for stocking-meshed pellets, crumb or seeds.

Can also be used for stick, method and paste mixes.

Use a few mils on boilies, pop-ups, particles and seed blends, cereals, floaters or other hookbaits.


Please Note

"Product only suitable to enrich Fishing Hookbaits, not intended for feed products."

Squid Super Boost