Specially designed for the N-Factor range of boilies, pop-ups and wafters.

Another brilliant product that Carp seem to love. This Milky Extract is produced from the Tiger Nut tuber, it has a high sugar and oil content as well as a source of Vitamins C & E as well as numerous Minerals, also it has enzymes specific to the conversion of Carbohydrates and Lipids as well as liquid Betaine providing the quaternary Ammonium compounds (Quats) found within this natural Betaine product, it acts as an osmolyte in fish helping with fluid balance, digestion and feed intake, quite high in the pH scale.


PVA Friendly so ideal for stocking-meshed pellets, crumb or seeds.

Can also be used for stick, method and paste mixes.

Use a few mils on boilies, pop-ups, particles and seed blends, cereals, floaters or other hookbaits.


Please Note

"Product only suitable to enrich Fishing Hookbaits, not intended for feed products."

N-Factor (Dip-Soak)