Key Features

Full of Birdfood for quick release of flavours, liquid foods as well as attractants & feeding stimulants that keep the carp wanting more.

Balanced protein & amino acid profile, full of vitamins and minerals, promoting excellent growth rates in all species providing a protein content around 28%

Used in our Whsky Frenzy Boilies


No artificial flavours or colours are used in our base mixes.


Please Note

This may contain fish meal and/or fish solubles, blood products and/or egg products. "This is supplementary animal feed for free-swimming fish", “Contains Category 3 animal by-products, do not feed to ruminants", "Not suitable for human consumption”.

Birdfood Base Mixes

  • May Contains:-

    Original Haith's CLO, Semolina, FFHT Soya Flour, Wheat Gluten, Brewers Yeast, Milk Proteins, Egg Albumin, Betaine HCL, Wheat Germ, Kelp, Soya Protein Isolate,