About Us

The People Behind Orion Carp Baits

We have over 80 years fishing experience between us, which includes carp fishing, pike fishing and match fishing. All our knowledge of fishing has come with years of being on the bank, not just fishing but watching the water, understanding the weather and learning the watercraft to get fish on the bank.

We are not your typical anglers who keep ourselves to ourselves, we have no secrets to catching fish and love talking to other anglers when they ask for advise. The most important knowledge comes from anglers who know their water craft.

With nearly 30 years experience in making carp baits for friends and for personal use, we fully understand fishing ingredients for fish health and wellbeing. 

Our base mixes and boilies have been developed over the years and are of the highest quality ingredients.

We now have a few formulas that keep the carp coming back for more and that's why we would like to share all our efforts with you our fishing friends.

We love our days fishing and every day is different. We also love making bait and the excitement we get when trying out new recipes and catching carp week after week after week is like being a kid again with a new fishing rod.

So why not come and join us and get those reels screaming and rods bending .